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Chinese President to visit Four African Countries this July

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Senegal, Rwanda and South Africa and United Arab Emirates from 19 to 24 July and will attend the 10th Summit of the BRICS in Johannesburg from 25 to 27 July, announced Lu Kang, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

“On the way back, the president will also visit Mauritius “Lu said.

It will be Mr. Xi’s first overseas trip since he was re-elected President in March.

These state visits were organized at the invitation of the president of the United Arab Emirates, Cheikh Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyan, Senegalese President Macky Sall, President Paul Kagame and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Li Wentao, Assistant Director of the Institute of African Studies at the Chinese Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said that China has always given great importance to its relations with developing countries, including African countries, with the concept being at based on foreign policy and country cooperation.

Mr. Xi’s first overseas trip after his election in 2013 as president also included African countries.

“The next visit covers a large part of the African continent, showing that China cherishes its traditional friendship with Africa,” said Li.

He noted that this year has seen the frequent visits of high-level visits between the two continents.

High political adviser Wang Yang went to the Republic of Congo, Uganda and Kenya in June, while Li Zhanshu’s high legislature went to Ethiopia, Mozambique and Namibia in May.

“Sino-African relations have entered into a new era, with bilateral cooperation that has been high at strategic level,” said Li.

China and Africa have established a comprehensive strategic partnership in the Johannesburg Summit on the Sino-African Cooperation Forum (FOCAC) in 2015.

“This year is important for Sino-African cooperation, since the FOCAC Summit will be held in Beijing in September,” said Li, adding Mr. Xi’s trip would help prepare for the next meeting.



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