Rwanda hosts African Aviation week

Under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Rwanda and in partnership with RwandAir, a dedicated African Aviation Week championing best practices, market liberalisation and world-class safety standards across the continent will take place in Kigali from 10-14 September 2018. The initiative is being promoted by Ground Handling International, the AviAssist Foundation and the AviaDev Africa Forum.

The event aims to unite Africa’s aviation decision makers to agree a tangible plan for delivering on the continent’s much vaunted growth potential. “The initiative will unite decision makers from key industry sectors to discuss practical steps to delivering on the continent’s huge aviation growth potential”, said Rwanda’s Minister of State in charge of Transport, Hon. Eng. Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye.


According to the CEO of RwandAir, Yvonne Makolo, “RwandAir is all about strategically linking Rwanda with the outside world, while ensuring a fair return on investment in the air transport sector. My RwandAir colleagues and I look forward to welcoming the delegates to our home base of Kigali, gateway to Africa.”

Max Gosney, Ground Handling International’s (GHI’s) Portfolio Director, said: “African Aviation Week will unite stakeholders from across the continent. It is an event for those who are passionate about their industry, keen to celebrate African aviation success stories and champion safety excellence. There are challenges to overcome and for that collaboration between stakeholders have to be promoted.”

Africa is tipped to be the world’s fastest growing aviation market with nearly 6% growth by 2036 and an extra 274 million passengers a year. The Aviation Week aims to support that growth in an orderly and safe manner. The events in the African Aviation Week will assist regional stakeholders in overcoming barriers to growth.

The Aviation week will also comprise the 4th African Stakeholders’ GHI Conference and the Safety in African Aviation Conference. Next to that there will be a wealth of training events ranging from a course on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (‘drones’) and international air law to State Safety Programs and aviation mental health. GHI’s African Stakeholders’ Conference will also offer a premium One-to-One meetings service to facilitate co-operation between African aviation decision makers.

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