Pan-African Movement strengthens Presence in Rwanda

The Pan-African Movement is growing its presence in Rwanda as the number of the movement activists is increasing, Officials said on Thursday.

So far the movement is counting at least Thirty Thousands members across the country.

The Pan African Movement Rwanda chapter has already representatives in all sectors, Officials added

According to the Movement’s Chairperson Musoni Protais “To date the Pan African Movement at the National level has established 18 commissions which embrace Civil Society, Faith Based Organizations, Trade Unions, Students, Youth, Women and People with Disabilities, Media, arts and Culture, Accademia and political organizations.

Musoni said that “All political parties in Rwanda have agreed to act in accordance with the Pan Africanism values.”

Musoni was speaking at the Press Conference held on Thursday, 20th September 2018 ahead of the movement’s 2nd National Congress which takes place on Sunday 23rd September 2018 at Rwanda’s Parliament building.

The congress will bring together over 800 participants from Rwanda and across the continent.

It will be held under the theme: “Making Pan African Movement relevant to the People of Rwanda and Africa”

Musoni said “A big number of participants will be the youth as well as students.”

The Pan African Movement in Rwanda also known as the PAM Rwanda was established after the 8th Pan African congress held in Accra during which many Africans including Rwandans were inspired by  the movement’s mission.

PAM-Rwanda was established on 23rd April 2015. It is subsequently set up an Interim Governing Council and different commissions were created as an initial organ to guide the establishment of a wider PAM-Rwanda structure across the country.

The first congress of PAM Rwanda took place in 2015.

Although the Movement is three year old in Rwanda, the number of militants is still low.

However, Musoni said “We believe that after this congress the Pan African Movement will gain more ambassadors who will help us to spread the Pan Africanism agenda across the world.”

He added that “People begin to join the movement, even if the movement is not yet known by many Rwandans.”

Musoni revealed that more awareness campaign will be conducted through various events including Umuganda, Public talks among many others.

The Pan African Movement aspirations and aims are: To fight for self-reliance, To promote Africa’s Integration, Unity and dignity, aspire and work for Africa’s sustainable Development.

Listen to the Press Conference here:


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