Rwanda: Government promises full support to Media Development


The Rwandan Government is well positioned to support media Development, TOPAFRICANEWS reports.

The Promise was made by Judith Uwizeye Cabinet Minister in the Office of the President.

Minister Uwizeye was speaking as Guest of Honor on Wednesday at the Celebration of Africa Day of Information.

Uwizeye said “The Government recognizes the role of media” in the development of the country adding that “The Government will provide its full support” to all initiatives that are contributing to the development of the sector.

She was refering to the yet to be established Media Credits and Saving Cooperative which is beleived “It will contribute to the financial stability of Journalists.”

She commended how the public trust the Media in Rwanda but there are still gaps in reporting.

Though the public showed trust in media at the high level but there are still gaps in investigative stories.

A participants at the event said that “Though Public are trusting media, the kind of content in media is really irrelevant.”

However the Secretary General of Media High Council in Rwanda Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo said that there is an issue of funding to do investigative stories.

“The investigative journalism should be taken into consideration in media capacity building.” He said.

Mbungiramihigo called for the snergy in media as well as political will in media development.

“WE still have a long way to go, so we should work together. We can not achieve success without working together” He concluded.


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