Now South Sudan eyes increased oil production

Following the recent peace agreement between the government and Riek Machar-led rebels, South Sudan hopes to restore oil production to 350,000 barrels a day as was the case before fighting erupted in December 2013.

Oil is the major export revenue in South Sudan fell between 130,000 to 150,000 barrels after the country was plunged into bloody chaos in December 2013.

“The war is over and now the winner is our economy.” Said Mr. Kim Gai, South Sudan member of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Up to 70% of Oil production was shut down after intense fighting which followed Alleged coup attempted by Riek Machar against the Government of President Salva Kiir in 2013.

“The economy went down terribly, after the peace deal we hope oil production will revert to 350,000 barrels or even half million a day.” He told The Citizen in an Interview.


End of the War in South Sudan

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