Tshisekedi nominates Spy Professional as special advisor on security

President Tshisekedi has nominated François Beya Kasonga as special advisor on security, TOPAFRICANEWS has learnt from RFI.

Considered more moderate than his predecessor, Kasonga is in any case a man who has spent his whole life in the intelligence services.

In his 60s, François Beya Kasonga was for the past 12 year’s head of the Directorate General for Migration.

He is an information services professional.

He made his National Security Council debut under President Mobutu, then at the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) under Laurent-Désiré Kabila, before becoming number one in the General Directorate of Migration under Joseph Kabila. .

Felix Tshisekedi, the new President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, too, has just appealed to the skills of François Beya Kasonga by appointing him to the post of special advisor to the Head of State in matters of security; therefore the number one of the National Security Council.

 The presidential order appointing him to this post was read late Saturday night on national television.

For many Congolese, and this is also the opinion of several diplomats accredited in Kinshasa, the man has the reputation of being moderate. “The new power today wants to give a human face to intelligence services, long indexed by the Congolese,” says a human rights defender.

François Beya Kasonga is also one of those who have always tried to bring opposition and power together.

He is replaced at the Directorate General of Migration by his former Chancellor Roland Kashwantale.

The DRC presidency also announced the first official visit of the new president outside the country’s borders. According to the program announced to RFI, Felix Tshisekedi will visit Monday Luanda, Tuesday in Nairobi and Wednesday in Brazzaville.

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