RIB arrests Suspect murderer of FDU Spokesperson


Last week there were media reports that one Mutuyimana Anselme was found dead near Gishwati Forest.

Mutuyimana was said to be the spokesperson of FDU Inkingi, unregistered party of Rwandan opposition figure Umuhoza Ingabire VICTOIRE.

Since then Rwandan opposition politician Victoire Ingabire has called for justice following the death of her party’s spokesperson Anselme Mutuyimana on Sunday.

“We need justice,” Ingabire said.

She said witnesses had described men in police uniforms in a red car detaining Mutuyimana in the western Mahoko area.

It was not immediately clear how 30-year-old Mutuyimana had died.

Rwandan authorities said they were investigating the death.

Yesterday the Spokesperson of Rwanda Investigation Bureau Modeste Mbabazi confirmed to IGIHE that so far one suspect in the murderer of Anselme was arrested and investigations still going on.


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