WASAC, JICA launch the development of Water Supply Master Plan for City of Kigali

The objective of the Project is to contribute the quality of water supply services for efficient water use by formulating the Water Supply Master Plan for City of Kigali.

This Master plan will solve some water shortage challenges in the city of Kigali.

The Chief Executive of Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) Eng. Aime Muzora said “The Kigali City Water Supply Master Plan will consist of Master Scenario until 2050 and the 15 year Investment Plan.”

The Master Plan also will include planned services for seven adjacent sectors i.e Shyorongi, Runda, Rugarika, Ntarama, Muyumbu, Gahengeri, and Nyakariro.

According to the Fourth Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey (EICV4, 2013/14) in Rwanda, the coverage of Water Supply in the City of Kigali is 85%.

However, the Water Supply service cannot meet the demand by the rapid-growing population in city of Kigali and adjacent seven sectors and its quality has not reached satisfactory level yet.

For example, in city of Kigali, insufficient water production and large volume of water leakage cause restriction of water supply.

According to Maruo Shin, the Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agence (JICA Rwanda Office) the quality of Water sources also creates an adverse impact on the water restriction of the Water Supply.

Maruo said “It is indispensable for WASAC to have one comprehensive master plan under more efficient and effective Manner,”

TOPAFRICANEWS has learned that WASAC has officially requested the JICA to support to develop the water Supply Master Plan for City of Kigali and seven adjacent sectors mentioned above.

On Thursday 14th February 2019, JICA, WASAC and concerned agencies convened a meeting to have a common understanding on the execution of Master Plan development project.

Eng. Muzora said “Once the Water Supply Master Plan for City of Kigali is available there will be now proper planning for Water Supply throughout the city and address the key challenge of regular water shortage in the city of Kigali.”

Joint Venture of Nihon Suido Consultants in Association with Yachiyo Engineering was selected as the JICA Study Team for preparation of the Master Plan.

“The complete Master Plan is expected to be available by 2021” Muzora said.

Eng. Aime Muzora, WASAC Chief Executive Officer

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