VIDEO: ENAS, USAID launch Post harvest Storage and Grain Drying Facility in Kirehe

Efforts to reduce post-harvest losses still faces grave challenge with reports indicating that at least 15 per cent of the produce is lost before reaching the consumer.

The losses, which have continued despite investments by the government and donors to address the challenges over years, pose a threat to the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Speaking at the Official launch of USAID-ENAS partnership Project which saw ENAS acquired a fully furnished Grain drying and Storage facility in Kirehe, on Tuesday, Karangwa Patrick the Head of Rwanda Agriculture Board said that there are challenges of insufficient Post-Harvest handling facilities countrywide

Andrew Nassiuma, the Country Manager of BrazAfric Enterprise Ltd which supplied equipment to ENAS Enterprise told TOPAFRICANEWS that the Drying and Storage Facility which was launched is a 100% well-equipped with advanced Technologies that are solutions to post harvest handling.

The Supplied Apparatus are Steel Storage tower, Cleaning Machines, Grain Dryers and Grain Conveyors and Elevators.

Mutabazi Olivier, the Commercial and Technical Manager at BrazAfrica said that the Post-Harvest Facilities are affordable and important if you look at the loss that farmers’ records in a case there are less post-Harvest Handling and Storage Facility like this.

Enterprise Nkubili Alfred and Sons (ENAS) which now acquired the BrazAfric supplied equipment’s was established in 1997.

The Owner of ENAS Nkubili Alfred says that he invested in a variety of agribusiness including input supply, production, and aggregation, storing and trading of staple food crops.

Nkubili believes that the facility will address Post-Harvest Handling and Storage Challenges adding that he is sure the facility will work correctly and expectation of production is high.

Watch the Following VIDEO to learn more about the Facility launched on Tuesday, 26th March 2019:

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