Le Monde apologizes for an inappropriate drawing on Genocide Against Tutsi

“This error does not reflect the definite position of our newspaper on this genocide which caused the deaths of nearly a million people between April and June 1994.” Read the first paragraph published by Le Monde after publishing a shocking drawing of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis.

The Apology is read as follow:

“Sergei’s drawing on Rwanda, published in Le Monde dated April 12, shocked many readers who expressed their indignation, especially on social networks. In full commemoration of the 25 years of the genocide of the Tutsi, this drawing in fact relativizes the specificity and extent of the tragedy lived by this community. Even though it was not the intention of the author, it was therefore totally inappropriate and should not have been published in this faulty form. Le Monde apologizes to the readers who have been hurt, especially the Rwandan community.

This error in no way reflects the unambiguous position of our newspaper on this genocide that caused the deaths of nearly a million people between April and June 1994. To mention only recent articles, we have been committed for a month to illuminate the gray areas of this tragedy through more than twenty investigations and reports. A series was devoted to its financing in three episodes, another to the places of memory in Rwanda (nine episodes). Forums of intellectuals and soldiers, a political coverage of the ceremonies (in Paris, Kigali during the visit of Hervé Berville, on the commission of archives, etc.) demonstrate the mobilization of our Editorial on this subject.

This commitment was recalled by a new editorial, in the edition dated Sunday 7- Monday, April 8, calling, after several others, the “right to know and the duty of truth” on this genocide of which we will ensure never to let go in doubt the nature and gravity.”

NB: TOPAFRICANEWS would like to not publish such drawing, but we did so our readers know really what drawing is

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