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Peacedu wants a Post-Genocide Generation with a Critical Thinking

Youth urged to have critical thinking especially on message of hate, dehumanizing or degrading other people

In the era of social media and modern ways of information sharing, it is a necessity to be able to digest every message received and proof-check where possible to avoid misinformed decisions as well as misleading content.

Based on how Genocide ideology was spread and how all around propagandas reached even to very small citizens in rural areas, young people in today’s modern Society need to be aware of all forms of propagated information that may contain contents intended to spread Genocide ideology, Genocide denial or contents that dehumanize others as ones of the ways used in preparing and executing the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda.

Against that background, Peace Education Initiative Rwanda is investing more efforts in training Post-Genocide Generation in order to make them aware of the history of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis as well as history of previous Genocides which include the Holocaust so they can grow with the commitments to Never Again to Genocide and other mass atrocities.

In an Interview with Albert Rutikanga – The Founder and Executive Director of Peace Education Initiative Rwanda said that “During Genocide, youth were easily manipulated by perpetrators; most of them were from the Genocidal regime which used hatred contents especially using media like Kangura Newspaper”

Rutikanga was speaking to this website’s reporter on Friday, 12th April 2019, shortly after coordinating Youth training in Kicukio in the City of Kigali.


“When the young people at the time understood that message of hates, they didn’t use their critical thinking, all they did were to immediately accept the message and you have seen that a big number of young people took part in the execution of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.” Rutikanga Explains.

The organization uses peace teaching methodology focusing on teaching human rights, peace education, and genocide studies with a great emphasis on Holocaust and 1994 Genocide against Tutsi to build a tolerant society with the hope of a better future without hatred.

Nzamurambaho Venant, a Teacher working with this organization said “Many teachers are afraid of teaching the history of Genocide may be because they are not free, some have wounds of Genocide so it is difficult to explain it or some may have close relatives who played a role in the Genocide,

“So for us at Peace Education Initiative Rwanda we bring this initiative to make people free and speak out what happened and teach this youth so that the Genocide never happens again while at the same time telling them the truth for them to seek the real medicine as future peace ambassadors”

However Nzamurambaho noted that there are still lacks of teaching materials and that should be resolved by concerned institutions so they can make necessary teaching materials available to instructors.

When educating young Generation, Peacedu meets them in clubs and debate on Genocide and Peace subjects and there after they took time and read names of those who lost their lives in the Genocide against Tutsis, holocaust and other mass atrocities.

“We read these names in order to remember them and commit to Never Again to Genocide and other mass atrocities,”


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