Rwanda Army benchmarks at KDF military police

Rwandese Army completed a tour days tour at the Kenya Army Military Police where they had been ushered in by Defense Attaché Brigadier General Joseph Demali on Wednesday.

The visit which aimed at benchmarking best practices for training of Military Police, was flagged off with a courtesy call to the Deputy Army Commander Major General Thomas Chepkuto. 

Maj Gen Chepkuto hailed the visit noting that it was important to explore training opportunities as well as sharing experiences that influence bi-lateral interoperability while enhancing our ability to work and interact together. 

“We love sharing our training with neighbours. That’s how we strengthen the military. I hope you enjoyed the stay and we look forward working together as a team,” he said.

The visit culminated at the School of Military Police (SOMP), with an apprising on the school’s curriculum and the syllabus. Commandant SOMP Major Leah Yegon demonstrated how the school program enhances training, education and development of military police personnel upon recommendation from various KDF units and formations subsequently imparting knowledge and honing their skills for tactical and deployable readiness

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