Kigali City Launches 3rd Councilor’s Week

The City of Kigali has launched the councilor’s week during which residents will have time to interact with the city’s councilors on various programs mostly focusing on the Socio-Economic conditions, Human Security, saving and the well-being of the city’s residents among other planned activities.

Themed “EJO HEZA MU MUJYI TWIFUZA”, the Week was launched on Monday, May 20, 2019 in Masaka Sector of Kicukiro District and all 35 sectors of the city will be attended during the week.

Speaking at the launching event where thousands of residents of Masaka convened, the city Mayor Rwakazina Marie Chantal said “Throughout the week residents will have time to raise their complaints on issues that affect their daily lives for the city’s council to find solutions together with them.”

Rwakazina said “It is time to raise awareness of good initiatives such EJO HEZA saving Initiative, allowing time to citizens to give their views on the revised Kigali City Master plan, raising awareness on fighting children stunting among many others.”

Before the official launch, the city council held a sideline event at Masaka Health Centre where they gave nutritious meal to children as part of raising awareness on fighting the malnutrition in the city.

The Minister of Local Government Prof. Shyaka Anastase who was the guest of Honor at the event added that “The Councilor’s Week is not only time to raise complaints, it is also a good time to evaluate the achievements and find together with residents how we can sustain the achievements and make more.”

“As it is themed “Ejo Heza Mu Mujyi nifuza” (loosely translated into English as “Wonderful future in the city I want”), I can also add “Ejo Heza Mu Mujyi nifuza mu Rwanda Nifuza (Wonderful future in the city I want in Rwanda I want).

This is the third time since the city launched the 1st councilor’s week in past years.

Minister Shyaka urged officials to approach citizens at lower levels, listen to them and have their input in planning and implementation of city’s programs.

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