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Rwanda targets $100 million from coffee export

Rwanda coffee is one of the top ranked coffees in the World due to its quality.

The Coffee is also Rwanda’s leading export crop with its average contribution of 24% to agriculture exports over the last decade.

In 2018, exported Rwandan coffee had a value of $69 m.

 According to the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB), Rwanda is targeting to reach an export value of at least $100 m in four years to come.

“Last year (2018), we generated $69 million from exported coffee. Our target is that in coming three or four years the value will increase to $100 million” Stated Mr. NKURUNZIZA Issa, Coffee and Tea division manager at NAEB.

Attaining this target seems a little bit harder as by now coffee farmers still demonstrate their carelessness and lack of enough knowledge in coffee treatment.

This is why NAEB in partnership with stakeholders, started campaigns known as Coffee Day in order to raise farmers’ awareness on how to well treat coffee.

In addition to this, farmers get opportunity to taste final processed coffee.

“Letting farmers taste coffee is to let them know how sweet it is and also telling them that coffee is not only for foreigners but also their own to drink instead of spending their money in useless thing but invest in coffee plantation and growing.” NKURUNZIZA added.

The Coffee was tasted on Friday at the celebration of Coffee Day in Nyanza District in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

After tasting coffee, farmers pledged to take whatever possible to well treat coffee from growing trees till the harvest.

“We used to mix coffee with other plants as we didn’t care how it hinders coffee growth and quality, but after tasting how sweet is our coffee I decide to remove all other plants and remain only with coffee trees.” testifies a coffee farmer from Nyanza district.

Though there are some farmers’ claims concerning insufficient tools they use in coffee treatment, NAEB in partnership with local government and other stakeholders are trying to do their best so that every need of farmers is well solved and get the increased quantity of coffee to be exported.


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