Minister Shyaka calls for End of corruption in Urban housing

Rwanda’s Minister of Local Government has called for the end of corruption in urban housing.

Minister Shyaka Anastase made the call on Thursday during the General Assembly of the City of Kigali

The general assembly of City of Kigali which takes place once a year consists of leaders from the Village to the district level, civil society and private sector.

Speaking at the Event, Minister Shyaka made remarks on Corruption which has become a persisting problem in Urban Housing and for Minister Shyaka that “is contrary to standards that should govern the functioning and wellbeing of the Capital City of Rwanda.”

“If we say that Rwanda is a country that should be free from any kind of corruption in service delivery, its capital city should be exemplary.” He said.

Minister Shyaka blamed leaders and staff on different levels in the City of Kigali for being bribed reminding them that whoever will be involved will be held accountable.

“This result in demolishing what has been built and it’s a loss to our population.” He added.

Rwanda is ranked among the safest countries in Africa, so the City of Kigali must rank first in Rwanda in terms of security and order, Minister Shyaka added.

“This is impossible whenever in some parts of the city there are still beggars, violence and robbery,” he continues

Minister Shyaka asks the administration to find solutions to these problems of which can pose threats on the free movement of visitors.

City Mayor Rwakazina Marie Chantal

The Thursday general assembly of the City of Kigali is a platform of discussing the achievements of performance contracts of the fiscal year of 2018/2019 and plans of the coming year according to the City Mayor, M. Chantal Rwakazina.

She said that this was a year of different reforms that include the law governing the city of Kigali by which districts of the City of Kigali will be losing their legal responsibilities.

Moreover there is a reform of Kigali City master plan through which service delivery will be easier.

Mayor Rwakazina informed the participants that Kigali City has been chosen to receive the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting (CHOGM) next year, so they need to put much effort in relevant infrastructures such as roads that will ease the movement.

The road Rwandex-Kimihurura-Convention Centre whose works have started is one of the road that will be useful during this meeting, the director of planning in City of Kigali said.

In urban road upgrading program aiming at reducing the traffic jam, at least six roads have been completed during the fiscal year of 2018/2019 namely the Downtown-Yamaha, Nyabugogo-Gatsata, others like Nyamirambo-Rebero-Nyanza and Batsinda-Nyacyonga are about to complete

EICV 5 counts 410 000 households in City of Kigali comparing to 230 000 of the national census of 2012. The population is 1.6 million with an increase of 4% every year. It was 1.1 million in 2012.

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