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A Woman in the First Category of Ubudehe likely to lose over Rwf 2.5 million from a Rwandan company she accused of “duplicitous”

Umutarutwa Marie Therese, Genocide survivor and mother registered in the first Social Category of Ubudehe

Umutarutwa Marie Therese, Genocide survivor and mother registered in the first Social Category of Ubudehe is likely to lose over Rwf 2.5 million after supplying tons of Maize to a Rehabilitation Centre (Kwa Kabuga Transit Centre) which is under the supervision of the City of Kigali.

Being in the first category, Umutarutwa who lives in Kinyinya Genocide Survivors village also is in charge of taking care of her old mum and five other children among them are children of her sister who has mental disorders.

Until recently in Rwanda, there are four Ubudehe categories with the first category designated for the poorest people in society while the fourth category is for the wealthiest members of society.

Umutarutwa said after the Government started sensitizing all citizens who are in the first social category of Ubudehe to make effort so as to alleviate themselves from poverty, she and other mothers mobilized fund to start a small project that can enable them to make a living without waiting for the outside support.

“It is that time I got financial support from Solace Ministries Organization and then I approached other women and we made contribution until we got about Rwf 2.3 million that we spent on purchasing 13.035 tons of maize that we supplied to the Company Called Kigali Global Supplier and Construction owned by a renowned businessman called Manzi Frank.” Umutarutwa said.

However, she explained that during the supply time, the maize were received by one called Ndahayo Edouard in the name of Kigali Global Supplier and Construction Company and the hand over was witnessed by various people including one called Kayitesi, a staff of the city of Kigali working at Kwa Kabuga Transit Centre.

In the meantime Umutarutwa supplied maize via Nsengimana Frederique (Maso) also company’s field dealer under Ndahayo Edouard and from then she is yet to be paid despite having supplied tons of maize to the company which has also dismissed the claims saying “the company’s administration is not aware of that woman”, according to the company’s boss.

It is shown in a letter dated 8th May 2019 addressed to the Kigali City Council requesting the city’s intervention in settling the payment of Rwf 2.836.280 million as the total cost including interests on the supplied maize or given back her maize if the payment is not possible.

“It was on 5th March 2019. We supplied them with the maize but at that time we found that they were very reluctant to pay us or give us a supply proof so we can be assured that we will be paid” She explained.

“But what is very shocking is that after long hours waiting for payment or supply proof, they gave me a payment slip which is very different from what I sold.”

Umutarutwa said she got into arguments with officials at the transit after they gave her the payment slip of items she did not supplied

The Bordereau d’Expedition of which TOPAFRICANEWS has a copy dated 5th March 2019 shows that the supplied items are 16,312 Kg of Maize, 1457 Kg of beans and 40 litter of cooking oil.

Based on the description TOPAFRICANEWS tried to contact Kayitesi Esperance as Destinataire of City of Kigali, unfortunately she didn’t pick the phone despite two times call.

We also sent her an SMS for information and she didn’t respond until we publish the story.

Umutarutwa’s issue was also addressed to the city councilors during the recent concluded Kigali City councilor’s Week

Kigali Global Supplier and Construction Company dismissed Umutarutwa’s allegations

In a telephone Interview with TOPAFRICANEWS, the Chief Executive Officer of Kigali Global Supplier and Construction Manzi Frank said that he doesn’t know even Umutarutwa.

“I have been summoned at the police and at the city of Kigali to give more clarifications on that Issue, I explained them…really I don’t know that woman, she is not my supplier. All supplied items are paid for. You can come to verify our payment books, I don’t know if that woman is not cheating!” Manzi told TOPAFRICANEWS.

However Manzi added that his dealer Ndahayo Edouard has since then disappeared with over Rwf 43 million that he had to deposit to his Employer (Manzi).

“That woman said she supplied maize to Ndahayo, I didn’t know how the deal was done. Ndahayo has even escaped with my Rwf 43 million and I am counting loss.” He added.

However Umutarutwa said “These are tricks being played by Manzi and his Employee Ndahayo. Saying that he doesn’t know how I supplied the maize, I can ask myself if he knows everyone who sells items to his employers. What he knows is how much you purchased and how much interest you got… I don’t think how he can know everyone who sells maize to his field dealers. This is very tricky.” Umutarutwa said.

The woman added that she has gone to the city of Kigali to claim the payment and was told that that the payment was settled out with reference to their financial books.

However she doesn’t know why she has not been paid while the city told her that the payment to the city’s main supplier (Manzi Patrick) was made.

“What I really want is the city of Kigali helps me to get paid or if it’s not possible give me a document so I start the journey to court of justice.” She concluded.

The letter addressed to the city of Kigali requesting the city’s Intervention in the matter

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