New asphalt roads to be constructed in Muhanga Secondary City

By Kanamugire Emnmanuel

Officials say they are planning to construct asphalt roads of eight kilometers long in urban area of Muhanga District which is among the Secondary Cities of Rwanda.

Officials say this will be done in phase II of the annual budget of 2019/2020 with the aim of promoting infrastructure development in this city.

The roads will include the one from Ruvumera area, Gahogo and the one leading to Rwanda Management Institute, according to Eric Bizimana, the Director of Planning in Muhanga District.

Currently the roads already constructed include the one from the District Office-BK-Muhanga Stadium; Kabgayi locality and the one from Rugeramigozi marshland to Industrial park and Agakiriro.

At least the district needs rwf 1,3 billion for expropriation tof the public properties.

The Annual district budget has increased from rwf 16,1 billion in 2018/2019 to rwf 16,5 with the increase of 2,6 per cent.

Rwf 10 billion will be allocated to daily activities of the district against rwf 6 billion to be allocated to the development activities, the district executive secretary, Ignace Kanyangira has said.

These activities are chosen basing on priorities from the decisions of National Leadership Retreat, National Dialogue, Vision 2020 and Vision 2050 in different sectors such as health, social protection, education, transport, agriculture, environment among others.

They are also related to performance contracts of the district, Beatrice Uwamariya, the mayor has announced.

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