Fri. Dec 13th, 2019


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Young Rwandans launch a music label in South Africa

A group of young Rwandans living in South Africa have created a music label to be able to sustain living in that foreign country.

Uwayezu Ngabitsinze Thierry, known as Kade-T, is the one behind the creation of that music label.

Kade-T who lives in Capetown-South Africa came to fame by the time he produced a song named  Tora Josiane during the time Mwiseneza Josiane was  competing for being crowned Miss Rwanda 2019.

The artists join hands to realize their dreams to become outstanding musicians in Africa and worldwide.

This is why he, with his friends, decided to start a music label which will help them to support each other growing and also raising their talents, and later named it Numinous Label.

“With this Label, we are sure that all obstacles are coming to an end as no more Rwandan musician will lose his chance to show up his talent while in South Africa. We are here to brand Rwandan music and also help in detecting those hidden talents that are here in South Africa.” Kade-T declared.

Numinous Label has released the first song “Wankozeho” produced by Kade-T ft Super (Tuyishime Egide) and Y-Stonner (Nizeyimana Jean d’Amour).

This is the gospel song they did to present their gratitude for what God has done to them and they are planning to release more songs later.

Until now, Numinous has registered two artists Kade-T and Super who are under its management, and they are in talks with others who are entering the label soon.

Uwayezu Ngabitsinze Thierry (Kade-T) is from Western Province of Rwanda in Nyabihu district while Super is from Eastern Province in Kirehe district.


Watch “WANKOZEHO” the first song from Numinous Label


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