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Gasabo: Citizens urged to guide children to develop reading skills


Education Officials in Gasabo District have urged parents to enrol children in primary schools and help them to develop the habit of reading mainly in Kinyarwanda language which is believed to be the foundation for lifelong learning.

This was among the messages delivered during the closing ceremony of reading festivals at GS Gatunga in Nduba Sector, Gasabo District, City of Kigali this Friday, 6 September 2019.

These reading festivals were among the initiatives of strengthening reading skills among children from different schools in Nduba Sector. 

Children of pre-primary level are being guided to read by their care givers

They are among the platforms to enlighten the importance of literacy in Kinyarwanda and the role of children, teachers and parents to promote that culture Mukantagwera Liliose, the –in charge of pre-primary education within Save the Children Rwanda, has said.

“We want to emphasize that reading and writing skills in different languages starting with Kinyarwanda is very important. Parents must help children in the community where they meet after school because it’s the source of performance in other subjects.” She said.

Mukantwari Diane, Education officer in charge of pre-primary and primary schools at the Gasabo District level, insisted on the success of learning system if the medium of instruction is the mother tongue.

She briefed the local community to partner with teachers in order to guide children after school as part of eradicating  poor performance of their children.

Mukantwari Diane rewarding one of the best performers in reading festivals

The best performers in reading festivals were rewarded school materials by ‘Mureke Dusome’, one of initiatives of Save the Children to promoting literacy in different corners of the country.

Some of the citizens in Nduba Secotor said they appreciate the establishment of community libraries because their children no longer get involved  in misconduct when they are busy reading after school. So they are engaged to help them. 

The theme of International Literacy Day, this year is “Reading and writing in different languages is a source of knowledge”.

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