“There is no way of fighting crime through committing crimes” Julius Malema on xenophobia

Julius Malema, one of strongest politicians in Africa and the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters Party (EFF) in South Africa, has declared that he is totally against those who are committing xenophobia.

Discussing the issue in EFF press conference that took place on 5th September 2019, Mr. Malema denounced the violence by calling on everyone especially EFF members to stand against it.

He said: “There is no way of fighting crime through committing crime. We are not part of that mess. Anyone with EFF t-shirt must play very far from that madness. We are not part of madness; we are part of solutions to the problems that are confronting our people.”

He also disclosed that he fully supports everyone who decided not to go to South Africa due to the xenophobia issue by thanking them for taking a right stand.

“All my sisters and brothers in Africa who said we will no longer go to South Africa to perform because of this violence, I support them. They’ve taken a stand. All those who prefer refuse to play friendly games to Bafana Bafana (South Africa football team), thank you for refusing. Take your stand.” Declared Malema.

Malema described the xenophobic attacks as barbaric, charging that South Africans ought to be ashamed of themselves for subjecting fellow Africans to such level of violence. “we will soon realize we are nothing without this continent.”

Photo by the South African

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