Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development will host the second study visit of the Rwandan delegation in Fiumicino-Maccarese

The Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development and WWF Oasi to host Rwandese delegation in Maccarese-Fiumicino on September 10th and 11th, within the bilateral cooperation between the Italian Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment of Rwanda.

Following the fruitful visit in Bologna in April 2019, the project “Sustainable Urban Wetlands Development within Kigali City”, financed by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) under the cooperation activity of IMELS with Rwanda, proceeds with the second study visit in Maccarese – Fiumicino organized by the Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development (ACSD) at WWF Oasis along the Roman coast to build technical and institutional capacity on urban wetland management.

The Sustainable Urban Wetlands Development project aims to build a resilient city through the rehabilitation of degraded urban wetlands in Kigali, highly valued for their enormously important environmental and economic functions such as storing and releasing water, flood control, improving water quality. Drawing from good practices of environmental management, the capital will be able to deliver not only basic services but it will turn into a safe, resilient and environmentally friendly city.


Five Government Officials and technicians from relevant Rwandese institutions will have exchanges on the best tools for planning and managing the rehabilitation activities of degraded wetlands, to accelerate and optimize the conversion of the Nyandungu swamp area into a sustainable urban eco-tourism park. Special visits to the three oases of Macchiagrande, Vasche di Maccarese e Bosco Foce Arrone will offer the delegates a precious and closer look to WWF’s experience, allowing them to identify new opportunities and interventions for their home country.

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