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Meet Anita, a brave daughter with visual impairment whose ambition to become Minister

Anita Niyonasenze is a visually impaired girl who is studying with the aim of becoming a very important person.

She is a senior two student at School of Blind of Kibeho, Nyaruguru District, Southern Province.

Anita is the only child with visual impairment among 9 children of her family. Her disability made her attending primary school late when she was 11 years old because there were no schools for blind children.

Since she started school, Anita thanks his parents for efforts they make to ensure she studies well. During an interview at the closing ceremony of National Literacy Month, held in Nyagatare District on September 30, 2019, Anita said these efforts and guidance make a foundation of her good performance in school.

She is among the winners of writing and reading competitions that were organized in the literacy month. Being rewarded in such event has encouraged her to continue working hard until her dreams become true.

Anita being awarded by Rosalie Ndejuru, an expert in Rwanda Archives and Library Services(RALSA)

She said: “I am very happy of the award I have got and it encourages me to work harder to realize my dreams. I want to become a Minister of health. Dr Betty Mukarwego is among my inspirers. Once I heard she is a lecturer at University of Rwanda, College of Education, it built in me hope that if I work day and night, I will become an important person.”

MINEDUC pledges to provide more school materials for visual impaired children

Children with visual impairment wish the government provide school materials needed mainly in science combinations. These are like books, calculators, computers as they will need them soon in national examinations.

 “We are happy, we didn’t think we could be included in education but the government has valued us. Today we attend school like others and sometimes we perform better than children without disability. But we still miss textbooks and it can lead to poor performance in class. We need more typewriters, computers, calculators among others to ease our studying process”, Anita has explained.

As the Ministry of Education has put in place the special needs and inclusive education policy, it’s possible to address different hindrances of education of children with disability, Rose Baguma, the Director General of Education Policy and Planning in the Ministry of Education, guarantees.

Rose Baguma, the Director General of Education Policy and Planning in the Ministry of Education, addressing the participants of the closing ceremony of National Literacy Month in Nyagatare District

“We have put in place the policy because we had many partners in education for people with disability, but there was no guideline. The first thing is to identify these children in schools, once they are identified, we will increase their schools and materials and make efforts to address their problems”, she said.

By Kanamugire Emmanuel


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