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USAID hands over 90 tablets to REB as part of awards for teachers

Kigali, October 2nd,2019  Rwanda Education Board (REB) has received 90 tablets from USAID Soma Umenye project that will be among awards for high-performing teachers on the 18th celebration of International Teacher’s Day.

The International Teacher’s Day is an occasion for Rwanda Education Board and its partners to decorate brilliant teachers from primary and secondary level in recognition of their role in education system.

This year two teachers from sector to national level were selected. There are 832 teachers on sector level, 60 on district, 10 on province and city of Kigali and two on the national level. The awards include 90 tablets other items depending on each level, officials from Rwanda Education Board have announced.

The Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr Irénée Ndayambaje, said that these tablets will help teachers in doing research and preparing their lessons.

“A teacher needs to get new information and skills in order to perform well in the profession. They will use them in doing research, having quick access to information they need from the internet either in Geography, English, Maths to mention a few.”

The Education Officer Director within USAID Rwanda, Luann Gronhovd said that they value the initiative of REB and its partners to take a moment to reflect on the importance of teachers in education process and results needed for the country’s development.

 “We cannot underestimate the power of teachers. Teachers have incredible responsibility to children. We know that a competent teacher, well trained and well qualified changes the life of the child who will soon change the community, build the country and develop the world.” She said.

It’s in this regard that USAID though Soma Umenye project supports teachers to acquire the skills they need to help their students succeed.

She encouraged the teachers to use these devices well, improve the practice and share information with the students.

The International Teacher’s Day will be celebrated on the 5th October 2019. This year, Rwanda is celebrating International Teacher’s Day under UNESCO theme, “Young Teachers: The Future of the profession”.

Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr Irénée Ndayambaje (R) and Education Officer in USAID Rwanda, Luann Gronhovd



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