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SNER commits to contribute to the teachers’ welfare

The teachers’ union (Syndicat National des Enseignants au Rwanda: SNER) has started an initiative to distribute cows among 90 schools which, it says will contribute to the improvement of teachers’ living conditions and fight malnutrition among students.

This initiative was launched in Kamonyi District where nine cows were given to GS Mugina, during the celebration of International Teacher’s Day.

At least 90 schools will benefit from this initiative. SNER will give cows to 60 schools (two in one district) that will give back the young calves to other 30 schools.

During an interview on October 5,Stephanie Mukangango, the Secretary General of SNER, said the initiative aims at improving schools feeding, environment protection, supporting school budget and supplement teacher’s salary.

“We started a project to give cows to schools to supplement teacher’s salary and fight malnutrition among children through ‘one cup of milk’ program. Pupils will get milk to drink at school and when they are in holidays, the milk will be sold to get money to support school activities”, she said.

Stephanie Mukangango, the Secretary General of SNER

The young calves will be given to high-performing teachers of the beneficiary schools before the project expands to other schools, Stephanie added.

“In every district we have three centres where the Union gives cows and once the school  gets 9 cows like those it received, it will be asked to give them to the nearby school.”

Stephanie said the teacher is the centre of quality education who deserves support from the government, parents and other partners in education. She promises the Union will continue to advocate for the welfare of teachers and salary increase.

Rwanda’s Minister of Education, Dr Eugene Mutimura said the Ministry will own this initiative as it reflects the national program of ‘one cup of milk per a child’ and motivate teachers so that they deliver quality education.

Rwanda’s Minister of Education, Dr Eugene Mutimura
Teachers attending the celebration of International Teacher’s Day
Some of nine cows given to GS Mugina of Kamonyi District

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