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Partnership with Japanese Private Sector to Eradicate Lightning Strikes in Rwanda

Lightning strikes damages on key infrastructure of ICT industry such as telecommunication towers is aserious issue in Rwanda.

This was confirmed by a lighting protection feasibility study conducted from October 2017 to September 2018 by OTOWA Electronics Co. Ltd, a Japanese leading company in lightning protection.

Based on findings, OTOWA technology might be able to resolve it. It has therefore developed a further verification survey plan in order to verify the effectiveness of OTOWA’s technology and disseminate its lightning protection technology in the country under the partnership with JICA.

It is in this frame that on October, 9th 2019, the Director General of Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) Lt. Col. Patrick NYIRISHEMA, Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Rwanda, Mr. Shin MARUO, and the President of OTOWA Electrics Co. Ltd, Mr. Osamu YOSHIDA, , will officially launch the joint collaboration, titled

“The Verification Survey with the Private Sector for lightening Protection Solution on Key Infrastructure of ICT Industry in Rwanda” With the
following objectives:

(1) To installing OTOWA’s lightning protection technology products on RURA’s target sites, to verify their effectiveness in Rwanda.

(2) To establish the system of installation, operation and maintenance of OTOWA’s lightning protection solution in each target site and transfer necessary skills to the key staffs/ personnel in Rwanda;

(3) To contribute to improving policies, regulations and standards of lightning protection in Rwanda by sharing the verification result at the target sites with RURA and other stakeholders;

(4) To disseminate information and knowledge of lightning protection technology in both public and private sectors in Rwanda;

This collaboration sets the goals to contribute to the challenges in order to protect ICT infrastructure from lightning damages; the launch of this collaboration will take place.


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