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Kamonyi: Five staff sacked, 40 Village leaders resign over corruption allegations

At least five public workers were sacked and 40 Village leaders in Kamonyi District, resigned over corrupt practices.

Corruption cases were recorded between January and October 2019.

The local leadership is the most affected with corruption and it’s the one from which citizens need basic services that aim at promoting their development. Corruption and bad service delivery are common in land titles services, Girinka, VUP, Nkunganire (seeds and fertilizers) programs in this district, Topafricanews has learnt.

To promote good governance and timely service delivery, Kamonyi District has launched a month long campaign against corruption this 2nd November 2019, in Rukoma Sector.

The Mayor of Kamonyi District, Alice Kayitesi said, they are striving to reach the target of eradicating corruption and injustice in service delivery within the district.

“This campaign was organized after some of our staff were found in corruption related behavior and injustice. From January up to now, five staff and 40 Village leaders were sacked due to allegations of corruption from the local population”, she said.

Transparency International Rwanda chairperson, Ingabire Marie Immaculée

“We will be evaluating anti-corruption activities, sensitizing citizens not to accept unofficial payment in service they qualify, explaining the corruption law in force among other activities”, she added.

 “Good service delivery with no compensation is people’s rights.  We call upon local leaders to change such behavior because where corruption stands people can’t develop. If corruption is tolerated in local leadership, we work in vain”, the Transparency International Rwanda chairperson, Ingabire Marie Immaculée said.

“Why should one pay the veterinary for visiting his livestock? Why could the agronomist be paid to allow someone to harvest his/her forest? Why can you give him/her money to fertilizers that are not free of charge? Citizens should not be partners of malefactors,” she reiterated.

“Leaders and citizens need to join a hand to fight against corruption because it destroys the country. Citizens shouldn’t doubt to report the cases of corruption”, the Governor of Southern Province, Emmanuel Gasana, said.

The anti-corruption campaign was themed “Kamonyi free from corruption and injustice.” Such activities will be organized in the whole Southern province next year.

Rwanda continues to make efforts in fighting corruption with the pillar ranked 4th with 84.28% according to Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS) 6th Edition.


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