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This Friday of November 08th.2019, marked the end of school year 2019 in Rwanda, as provided by the ministry of Education.

In Kigali, Top Africa News attended the ceremony at Peace and Hope Academy located in Kinyinya sector, Gasabo district, where the school leaders, students and their parents were gathered together to get students report cards while other were graduating from nursery to primary level.

At this occasion, the school legal representative, Mr. Albert Musabyimana, used the opportunity and thanked parents for their constant collaboration with school leadership to maintain meaningful education for the children who study at Peace and Hope Academy, which led it to a level of being one of exemplary schools.

He said: “Sometimes I use to meet people and they tell me that our school provides quality education. And once I ask them where they got such information, they tell me that they have testimonies from parents who brought their children here. This shows that you are proud of what is being done the school, and we always appreciate it.”

Albert MUSABYIMANA – Legal Representative

He also revealed that next year, the school will start P4, and this means that students who ended P3 this year will continue their P4 studies at Peace and Hope Academy as the school is finalizing the construction of new classrooms which are expected to be ready before the end of this year 2019, and they will be used for P4 up to P6.

More than 160 students were studying at Peace and Hope Academy this year, and the school is expecting an increase of students as they started to register newcomers for all levels.

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