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First Lady of Rwanda addressed Episcopal Conference on Peace and Justice

The First Lady of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame, recalled,  Friday, to live a christian life we should be guided by the Bible and take Jesus Christ as role model in our deeds.

Jeannette Kagame on Friday, 29th November, as the guest of honor, addressed the Episcopal Conference on Peace and Justice organized by the Catholic Church in Rwanda.

The conference was organized as part of the month dedicated to unity and reconciliation.

The month is also an opportunity to assess the role that the church has played in fostering and promoting Unity and reconciliation in 25 years after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

In her address, Jeannette Kagame asked that everyone be guided by the bible and take Jesus Christ as role model in all deeds.

“We also have the privilege of taking as an example Jesus Christ, the one and only ‘model’ of all Christians, and in our actions and deeds we should be guided by his immense love and compassion.” She said

She added that “The Bible – this precious book that contains the most beautiful lessons, that no other book can ever teach us and one of the greatest, is love as it was written in the gospels.”

“Let us go back to the grace we have and take the Bible as our greatest reference.” She said


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