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Muhanga: Ombudsman challenges local leaders on solving citizen’s Problems

The Ombudsman, Anastase Murekezi has urged local leaders in Muhanga District to take a good time to receive assess and solve citizen’s problem timely.

The Ombudsman made the remarks on Tuesday, while launching a campaign against corruption and injustice in Muhanga District, Southern Province.

The launch brought together the Ombudsman office staff, district leaders, religious leaders, private sector and hundreds of residents of Nyamabuye Sector.

According to Kayitare Jacqueline, the district Mayor, the main activities will include sensitization of citizens on their role in fighting corruption and injustice where local leaders will collaborate with the Ombudsman Office staff.

They will also receive and solve injustice related problems throughout all sectors of Muhanga District. The anti-injustice and corruption messages will be disseminated in community assemblies, schools, cooperatives, among others.

In Nyamabauye Sector, the Ombudsman was presented many unresolved issues mainly on land related conflicts as well as unexecuted judgements. He urges local leaders to maximize their duties of serving people.

“Many complaints here are associated with injustice because those related to corruption cases are difficult to be discovered. We have realised serious land related issues between citizens, between relatives and unexecuted justice decisions where local leaders don’t give them their attention.” said Anastase Murekezi.

“Local leaders have in their responsibilities to solve citizen worries especially those related to justice decisions to achieve the development they want. Such issues are many here, in Nyamabuye Sector”, he added.

He urged residents to strive to be informed about laws in order that they notice injustice practices and report them to competent organs on time.

The formation of consultative bodies from Cell to District level help in identifying, assessing and solving cases of injustice, corruption, Mayor Kayitare has explained.

However, gaps still exist in expropriation processes, service delivery, familial disputes, arrears from contractors which are barriers to good governance and development.

Four cases have been identified in Muhanga District since 2019 and reported to the prosecution.

By: Kanamugire Emmanuel


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