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Saranda on being a voice to young ladies through poetry

Mutoni Saranda Olive is a young female poet and journalist aged 19, and activist at Imfura Arts For Peace, born and raised in Rwanda, Saranda was just 13 when she started writing her poems “SUGAR DADDY” is one of her most poem that brought positive impact to peoples lives.

Saranda says “teenagers pregnancies is one of the most problem that Rwanda is facing, on her thought she saw that the elder married men are the most ones praying a role of these unwanted pregnancies to happen through providing expensive things to young girls and because even them they feel so excited to have them they get in touch hence causing a lot of problems.

Through writing this poem she though it can atleast reduce the percentage of these teenagers pregnancies where sugar daddy’s will stop sneaking around chasing after teenagers who are exactly the same age as there beloved daughters.

Saranda says ” It’s not surprising to me when someone says my work helped them. I have always thought of writing as healing  myself that is and occasionally speak for others. I am trying to shake this habit of underestimating my impact.

In the meantime, though, every message I receive appreciating my work gives me this joy and that never gets less exciting. I don’t know how many times I have opened my inbox or wept. People share so much of their lives with me and I am humbled by it and softer because of it.

Cross-generational sexual relationships she tackled on have been in existence in the history of mankind, their extent with respect to sexual behaviours associated with the ‘sugar daddy’ or ‘sugar mummy’ practice has grown into a material generating industry for young girls and boys a sexual exploitation game for older men.

The rate at which the habit is growing is alarming. Some people may argue that in some cases there’s true love, but a big percentage of the players are in it for the money and sex.

Talking to some of the young girls, they say getting a sugar daddy is actually not difficult but the consequences that come with playing the game are risky.

View her Poem on YouTube through this link:


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