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Hope and Homes for Children gives hand to the vulnerable Families amid COVID 19

Hope and Homes for Children is committed to doing everything possible to make sure no children among the beneficiary families is heavily affected by the COVID 19 which continues to obstruct the living style all over the world, TOPAFRICANEWS reports

Hope and Homes for Children has been operating in Rwanda since 2002, successfully working on a number of family and community-based initiatives.

Mr. Mutuyima Celestin, Project Coordinator at Hope and Homes for Children announced that since the outbreak of Corona Virus in Rwanda, the organization has strengthened assistance to most vulnerable families and children with disabilities as part of the emergency response during this difficult time.

He explained that “Normally, Hope and Homes for children assists beneficiaries depending on their needs.”

“During this time when our country is facing the pandemic which has led to the total lockdown, we thought how we can minimize the consequences among our beneficiaries scattered in all 30 districts of the country” Mutuyimana revealed to TOPAFRICANEWS during the Telephone Interview.

He noted that in this time, Hope and Homes for Children has donated between Rwf 50,000 to Rwf 100, 000 to most vulnerable families who might face devastating effects while the pandemic stays for a long time.

Hope and Homes for Children also has used existing ways of supporting beneficiaries during this hardship times.

These include sending money to the families depending on their needs and facilitating those families with children with disabilities to reach hospitals.

“You know in this time; the public transport services are not available. We have children who need for instance to check with the doctor at Ndera psychiatric Hospital. We facilitate them for a private transport for instance.”

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He added that there is at least one nurse on a local level working directly with Hope and Homes for Children to take care of children who may suffer during this time since the organization’s employees are also unable to travel in remote areas as the lockdown stay obligatory to all citizens in the country.

The Organization’s beneficiaries are made of 60% of families with at least one child who have a disability while other 40% are families from the first and second categories of Ubudehe programme.

Among the families there are those who receive direct support others receiving indirect support, according to the official.

According to Mutuyimana, Hope and Homes for children main objective is to ensure that no child is left behind and to have family care than living under institutional care (Orphanages for instance).

“We support the family as a whole, we don’t target one child in a family, No! that’s not the case. For instance, if we registered a child with a disability and that family have other children, all the children and the family as whole benefit from our assistance.” Mutuyimana explains.

The organization supports beneficiaries in various ways including Health, social and economic intervention, Education and training among others.

It works with the local administration to ensure that the assistance to the beneficiaries are used in a wise and productive manner.





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