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Kinyinya: Vegetable Farmers celebrate achievements in style (Photos Story )

Vegetable Farmers celebrate achievements in style

Farmers grouped in Abadasigana ba Kinyinya, a renowned cooperative growing French beans and other varieties of vegetables have celebrated the progress achieved since its official recognition as a registered farmer cooperative in Rwanda.

The Cooperative which is made of Youth and other categories including men and women was formed in 2015 and got an official registration in 2017.

With 56 permanent members, the cooperative employs between 250-300 casual workers involved in various agricultural activities which pays each Rwf 1000 per day.

At the side-line of the celebrations, Ndagijimana Emmanuel, President of Abadasigana ba Kinyinya Farmers’ cooperative told TOPAFRICANEWS on Tuesday that “The cooperative main crops are French beans which mostly sell in the European market especially in France and United Kingdom.”

Ndagijimana said that they have a steady harvest which ranges at 10 tons of French beans per hectare, 20 tons of Garden eggs per hectare as well as 30 tons of tomatoes and cucumbers respectively.

Abadasigana ba Kinyinya Cooperative is among few horticulture cooperatives who were certified as a proof of the quality produce that can be sold on the International market.

Last Year (2018), during Cooperatives Professionalization Program Learning Event which brought together about 60 farmers’ cooperatives leaders from around the country, Government and NGOs representatives as well as representatives from the USAID Rwanda, Abadasigana ba Kinyinya Cooperative was among the certified cooperatives who are set to fully utilize digital systems in their daily activities.

Officials from the cooperative said that the use of ICT in daily activities have enabled them not only to market their produce but also in human resources and members’ cooperative management.

Cooperative President Ndagijimana thanking one of the key partners in Vegetable selling

The Cooperative’s President revealed to the guests who joined the Celebration on Tuesday, that from January 2020, there will be a merger of various farmer cooperatives operating in Kinyinya marshlands to form the very strong Union that will ease the marketing task while at the same time increasing the harvest, cultivation space and number of beneficiaries.

“We want to form a very strong Union cooperative which will bring together all cooperatives operating in Kinyinya Marshlands. This will enable us to join our efforts and invest them in seeking more clients not only here in Rwanda but everywhere in the World” Ndagijimana added.

Speaking to farmers, Ingabire Gisele from the National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB) commended the farmers for their outstanding achievements made in Horticulture sector adding that Abadasigana ba Kinyinya is the visionary cooperatives when you look at where it came from and where it stands today.

Ingabire Gisele from the National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB)

“It’s very wonderful to see someone we help making progress like this, … There are other cooperatives we help but they don’t achieve anything,” Ingabire said

“But for you it is very different! You know how you plan your work and assess what you have achieved to better plan for the future.” She commended.

Officials from Gasabo District and NAEB promise that they will continue to fully provide the assistance in order to make the cooperative a role model as it is enshrined in its vision.


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