July 15, 2024


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Biblical Reflection: GENEROSITY


Generosity is the gift of the Holy spirit not only based on material things as we think but also on the spiritual sacrifice. Some of us think that to be generous is to give out only what they have materially to their neighbors. They ask themselves: what do I have that I can give to my neighbor? I have nothing to give that can satisfy my friend. But the little you have just give it out, what count is the heart which desires to give, not the quantity.

We should not only think that being generous is only to give out materially, no, we may also be generous to our friends by our sacrifice in prayers for them and also by sharing our spiritual experiences for their spiritual growth.

Unfortunately, sometimes we are not generous in our prayers. We only pray for our own benefits but not for the success of our friends. Sometime we pray even for the failures of our friends and for our enemies, we ask God to punish them. such a prayer is a waste of time God cannot listen to it.

Some of us are rich in spiritual experiences but they keep these just for their own personal benefits. When they are asked to share with others, they have no time to do that. How many people outside are in need of your prayers for their success and for their healings? How many people are less experienced spiritually and are in need of you experiences to help them grow spiritually so that they can meet Jesus? Yet you claim you have nothing to give them. Let us learn to be generous not only to give out materially but also generous spiritually.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus Christ you are generous to your friends and even to your enemies. You give to everyone what he deserves. Teach us your followers to give with sincere hearts to our neighbors what we have spiritually and materially so that your Kingdom you constructed here on earth continue existing. We ask all this in the name of our lord Jesus Christ your son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit One God forever and ever Amen.

Berocan Rogers, Salesian of Don Bosco

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