July 15, 2024


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Biblical Reflection: JOY by Berocan Rogers, SDB

BEROCAN Rogers, Salesian of Don Bosco


Joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit that contribute to our long life here on earth, he who is joyful live longer. Joy is the base on which our sainthood is constructed. A believer needs to be joyful because God who live in him is the Joyful God. He needs to ask regularly the grace of joy from God through his regular personal prayer. If he is not joyful, it means there is something wrong somewhere in his relationship with God. He has to question himself regularly and personally to find out the root cause of this problem of unhappiness and give them to God the model of joy so that he regains the joy he needs for the service of God amidst His people. A believer gets his joy in the service of the Church, that is to say while serving the poor, the sick, the enemies, the children, the rejected, the homeless with one heart of love and forgiveness. But without God as the source of this joy the service of others is impossible.

Let us pray: Lord God you are the source of joy of heart for everyone. Fill us with your joy so that we may always be ready at your service through the service rendered to your people. We ask all this through our lord Jesus Christ your Son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit One God forever and ever Amen.

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