July 15, 2024


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Biblical Reflection: Peace, By Berocan Rogers, SDB

BEROCAN Rogers, Salesian of Don Bosco


If you have this fruit of the Holy spirit, you will not be discouraged quickly. Most of the time we get discouraged by challenges that reaches in our lives just because we don’t pray to the Holy Spirit for the power of being patient, we should pray for this power and once we received it we shall endure all things that may reach us.

Lack of patience has led many people to failures that they regret all their life time, they made blind decision that ruined their destiny forever. Be it in the religious life, marriage life, in their businesses, in their Faith and prayers among others. He who is not patient make decision out of his own feelings without any discernment. He is not ready even to listen to those closer to him.

Sometimes we pray to God for what we need and we don’t receive it immediately. As a result, we are discouraged and angry with God and even with anybody talking to us about prayers or God. Remember Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to his disciple and He told them to pray patiently without fail as they wait for this Spirit. They waited patiently for the Lord’s promise. God is not a human being that he should cheat, change his mind and not listen tour our prayers, He is patient with everybody. He needs us to learn how to be patient before He gives us what we ask for. Sometime we don’t pray well because our hearts are full of doubts and accusations against our friends in our prayers hence we are not patient but still God remains patient to listens to us and give us what we ask for.

Patience is not the characteristic of the post modernity in which we live today. Today we wish to force things to happen in the way we want. That is why most of us are failing in life. Patience is the medicine to all success, it is a good school to go to in life. God who is all Powerful remain patient with us whenever we wrong Him, He gives us more chances so that we may change. So, there is no need for us to rush in our human condition. We should also be patient first with ourselves, our friends, in our decision making and in our prayers to God.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, you were patient all your life on earth till your death on the cross for the salvation of humanity. Teach us to be patient with our own self, towards our friends, in our decision making, and in all we ask from God, you who lives and reigns forever and ever Amen.

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