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Website: www.topafricanews.com

Location: Kigali-Rwanda

E-mail: info@topafricanews.com 

Project Proposal:

“Producing Effective Communication on COVID 19 and Future Outbreak”

Duration: Long-term.

Project Focal Person: 

Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

Personal E-mail: vickange@gmail.com

Tel: +250 78 71 05 131


Proposal Content for TOP AFRICANEWS versus Effective Communication on COVID 19 and Future Outbreak


Why this project?

Our Project will deal with effective communication during the outbreak and its aftermath. TOPAFRICANEWS.COM has its audience, a big size of them are literate people. Since the outbreak of COVID 19 we engaged them through our social media and website. 

A number of them have shown the appetite of knowing the accurate information on COVID 19.

We are reliable because of providing information from accurate and reliable sources.

We also got into partnership with APO Group so that we are able to get reliable information from across Africa.

We decided to use our main banner for the campaign against COVID 19.

Our project: is to expand our Interactive communication through digital means to engage our audience effectively on COVID 19 and other similar outbreak that may arise in the future.

As Literate people, they can contribute a lot in behaviour change among their circles.

We intend to develop a competition meant for our readers to come up with tangible contributions on COVID 19 Prevention as well as in the prevention of future outbreak.

We want them to come up with tangible facts on which behaviour that we should demonstrate when we are facing diseases like COVID 19.

Yes, we know that this time only Governments are the leading agents in the fight against COVID 19, but again we ask ourselves why people are not abiding with Government instructions in Africa? We want to interact on this and come up with solutions which will help decision makers.

The project will not end since educating is a continuous process, we will continue to the point we will start engaging also readers of our Government in constructive debates on future pandemics, lesson learnt and how to minimize impacts on local population.

The only infrastructure we have is a digital space. We want to use the space and save people.

Targeted Audience

Through the project our main target is local community in East Africa (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.) We selected this target group because they have similar cultural background, they almost share English as the common language.  

As I have explained, the first step of the project is to use those active brains among our active audience. Once the active brain gave a tangible solution, we as leading communication agents we know how we will be distributing that knowledge. To reach the targeted group, we need also to deploy various communication channels.

We will not go beyond the use of digital media. A synergy of media to help us in the campaign will be drawn. On local level we already have a Group of 20 digital media houses. This is not a small part. Since we have a partnership with APO Group (Africa Press Organization), this is a very good asset to help us transmits our message.

The other targeted group is decision makers. In the above-mentioned countries, Citizens especially in Rural areas are still living traditional life. But again, they have children who are getting modernized through the digital age. 

Leaders are still considering rural community as spoon-feed persons which is not true. They forget that the modern youth they see today are the children of our parents who are in rural areas.

Since the main message will be coming down to the top, we want leaders also to understand the language of local people and hear their voice so that the decision taken be informed decisions. 

Again, here we want to enshrine that culture of interactive communication not one-way communication. That’s leaders are also targeted much. 

So, our targeted audience are: Stakeholders in the campaign, local community, Government leaders, Media and Civil Society organizations.

The relevance of the proposal

Our Topic is relevant to the current pandemic because, what we want is to make sure that for the next pandemic, citizens should be the upright citizens in face of pandemics.

 In Africa especially in the EAST African region, we have seen many citizens resisting to the Government Officials especially during lockdown. Citizens especially in Rural areas have shown that they are less informed on the magnitude of Corona Virus.

Some are still conducting group meetings in hide as if avoiding contacting COVID is a Government lie. This is due to poor knowledge among local community. Literate people on COVID 19 and other social issues should act as intermediary partners between the Government people and local citizens. Sometime the local population understands easily the language spoken by their peers than top down decisions. 

Hence, the literate contributors will act as channels of effective communication between political group and local community who can hardly understand the political language.

Parents are likely to listen to their children than listening to a police officer with gun. They respond to the law but not because they understand why? But because of fear. We need to end this kind of decisions based on fear rather decisions based on information.

So, for COVID something was not well prepared. Yes, it is the outbreak that came unexpectedly but the Future is still ahead. We start now building an informed citizen by using available means. Our knowledge and effective communication in digital age.

What are the expected risks?

The project is not much risky since, the ideas are shared digitally, except to some instances like when we are to meet with local population to take their ideas. In COVID 19 situation, we all understand precautionary measures like use of face masks, avoiding physical contact and washing hands among others.

But here we are dealing with digital communication. The Knowledge sharing is much important than physical contacts. To the political impacts, maybe we can collide with the Government officials who have little knowledge on effective communication, but we repeat again, we are launching Education battle, the battle of constructive ideas, we hope well that our National Media Regulatory body is in a position to defend our cause.

The right Groups and Civil society organizations are likely to defend our cause. So, for sure there is not high risks in this project. Rather we are going to give support to our Governments to make sure for the next outbreak we are acting based on experience not by accident.

Duration of the project

The project is a long-term project. The grants that we will be given if we are selected will help us to position ourselves in our project concepts, exposing ourselves to the reality of the issue which will lead to more future partners so the project sustain for a long duration. COVID 19 is not the last outbreak. Using the experience of COVID 19 is a matter of saving lives forever. So, the project is not going to end soon rather it will be a continuous process.



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