VIDEO: Zindiro-Birembo-Gasanze road Construction Progress

After three months since the start of the construction of the paved road that will connect Zindiro to Gasanze via Birembo, the construction works are at the advanced level as you see in this video.

In May 2018, TOPAFRICANEWS Reporter visited the site and citizens at the time were very fond of the paved road that connects them to other parts of the city.

The road passes through Bumbogo, a part of Kinyinya heading to Gasanze where it will connect with Nyacyongo road also heading to Batsinda in Gasabo District of the City of Kigali.

Infrastructure projects top the City’s priorities during the next seven years starting with the 2017/18 fiscal year, especially by focusing on road construction.

These include works on Gasabo’s three main roads; Ndera-Gikomero-Rutunga-Kajevuba round disc road, Zindiro- Masizi-Birembo-Gasanze as well as Nyacyonga-Gasanze-Batsinda road while 30 more roads will be built in Nyarugenge during the next seven years.

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