December 6, 2022


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Top Africa is a Private shareholder Digital News Website managed by AFRICA NEWS DIGEST Ltd, a Domestic Company registered in Rwanda Development Board.

Available on, this website publishes stories from across Africa focusing on Environment, Natural resources, Livestock and Agriculture, Tourism and conservation, Climate Change, Youth, and Culture, Peace Building, Health, Infrastructure and ICT, Security, Education, Business and Banking.

The main objective of this website is to tell the World the real Africa’s Story from the real and reliable sources. We Publish News Stories, Supplements stories, advertorials, Feature stories among many others.

We are based in Kigali, Rwanda.


DONATE TO TOPAFRICANEWS Climate Communications Project

Three years ago, the TOPAFRICANEWS online news website was officially launched. Throughout the three years, the website has been able to go a long way and provide excellent services to its audience and those who wish to spread their message has a got a right channel to use. One of the goals that we had was to reach out to the general public as much as possible, either by publishing their stories or by bringing them closer to our stories. This was not possible for us due to lack of resources. THAT’S why we are launching an advocacy aimed at improving the performance of this website and expanding its reach to the fullest extent possible and get to the real sources starting from the Glass roots level. Through our Project, TOP AFRICA NEWS seeks to put its focus on Environmental and Climate, Health, Business and advocacy.

HOW TO SUPPORT TOP AFRICA NEWS:  BY PHONE Using Code: *777*77*200238#.

The total amount needed is FRW 7,000,000. This budget was well elaborated and can serve this Media the whole year while at the same time making profits for self-sustenance.

We want to recruit at least two staff (A journalist and a marketing agent).

We want to purchase audio, video recording and editing equipment. As we have been very active using little means that has served us in its capacity, once this funding is available, we will also use part of it to make it easier for our journalists to reach in person to local sources at grassroots level. Let us support TOP AFRICA NEWS to make a difference.

Dial *777*77*200238#

Also, you can see the donation progress here:

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