U.S Senior Diplomat Meet Kagame & Chief of Diplomacy


US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy met President Paul Kagame and Rwanda’s Chief of Diplomacy Dr. Richard Zezibera last weekend.

The U.S says his visit is in line with the promotion of stronger business ties between the United States and Africa, engage Africa‘s vibrant youth, strengthen partnerships that aim for greater peace and security, and reinforce the United States‘ commitment to the people and nations of Africa.

After meeting with Rwandan Officials, Tibor wrote on his Twitter that he had “Great meeting with President Paul Kagame, Foreign Minister Richard Sezibera, and Ambassador to the US Mathilde Mukanatabana to discuss building on the U.S.-Rwanda partnership to expand our trade and investment partnership and advance regional peace and security.”

During his tour in Africa, Nagy will meet with local government officials and will discuss a range of issues including regional stability, combatting corruption and the response to the Ebola outbreak in DRC, among other topics, the State Department said.


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