June 19, 2024


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Rwandan Journalist and Actor Sibomana Emmanuel tips young people on the use of social media

For his famous role in URUNANA DC and INDAMUTSA Radio Rwanda drama Team, Emmanuel Sibomana is also known as Patrick

Renowned Rwandan Journalist and Urunana radio soap Actor Mr. Sibomana Emmanuel has vowed to efficiently use his social media accounts in a way that favors the youth and his socio-economic development.

Nowadays, the world is developing faster and the use of social media is increasing especially among the youth.

On the other hand, there are concerns that social media are also playing a big role in spreading rumors or fake news when misused.

A Rwandan actor and a professional journalist, Mr. Sibomana Emmanuel confirms that those who have understood the importance of social media have now achieved a lot and continue to improve their living conditions, thanks to many opportunities in digital media.

After reaching 1 million followers on Instagram, Sibomana in an interview with TOP AFRICA NEWS confirmed that his priority now is to build strong social media platforms, use social media professionally, advise young people on the best use of social media in a way that generates income, exposing fake news and revealing the dark secrets of Social media in order to help young people avoid cyber-crimes while at the same time continuing to help investors that seek to advertise their business.

Mr. Sibomana Emmanuel finds that digital marketing requires an active social media user who is ready to provide quality content in a timely manner.

He believes that today the media is under attack from social media users who spread rumors for money.

However he noted that from his side he only had to act professionally.

 “For my part, my goal is to do everything possible, so that whoever is checking my social media platforms gets reliable and relevant information.”

He says that nowadays some people leave the media and go to social media because that is where they get more profit compared to the salary they get from the media employers.

“However, many people find that when they get to social media, they immediately stop using it professionally, instead you find that they provide fake content aimed at attracting views, ignoring that it has a negative impact on the audience” He explained.

Mr. Sibomana says that for his part he decided to work in a professional way because his priority is the development that comes from the use of social media but in a way that does not violate Journalism professional code of conduct and the values of the Society.

Currently, Sibomana has become famous on the Instagram Social Media site where he has almost a million followers.

Currently, Sibomana has become famous on the Instagram Social Media site where he has almost a million followers.

He said, “Looking at my lifestyle, I live in the city of Kigali. I don’t have my own house. The income I get from social media enables me to rent a house and get a living.”

He explains that in addition to receiving income from social media, he usually goes and broadcasts talks aimed at helping young people to use social media in a better way and to avoid falling into the mistakes of misuse of social media.

Apart from social media, Mr. Sibomana is known in the Rwandan media where he has worked on radio and television such as Radio/TV10, Isango Star, Hot FM, Isibo TV and other Rwandan media.

He said, “This is where I got experience in the media, which made me enter social media and share the experience I have gained, which is what continues to help me in my development.”

He encourages social media users not to be discouraged mainly because the more popular a person becomes, the more they face detractors who want to take their actions back.

“If I was depressed I wouldn’t have a million followers on Instagram. Today there are those who want to take me back but I am not discouraged. My priority is to work professionally and help those who want me to promote their business so that I can make an impact.”

In addition to social media, Sibomana is also known for acting as Patrick in the Urunana radio soap opera which helps Rwandans to get information especially related to reproductive health, general health and general development.

He appreciates the leadership of President Paul Kagame, for ensuring that every Rwandan has access to the Internet, which continues to play a role in the development of the country, especially in creating jobs for the youth.

He said, “We are achieving all this because we have peace and security. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to use social media to make profit or gain knowledge in general.”Mr. Sibomana can be found on Instagram @sibomana.emma

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