US Issues Fresh ‘Credible’ Terror Threat Targeting Westerners in Kenya

The US embassy in Nairobi has called for heightened vigilance saying it has got “credible information indicating that Westerners may be targeted by extremists in Nairobi, Naivasha, Nanyuki, and coastal areas of Kenya.

“The U.S. Embassy reminds the public of the continued need for heightened vigilance throughout Kenya, especially in public spaces such as shopping malls, hotels, and places of worship. Be aware of your surroundings, and report suspicious activity to authorities immediately,” reads part of the statement on the embassy’s website.

The embassy further said they recommend U.S. citizens traveling to or residing in Nairobi to enrol in the Department of State’s Smart Traveller Enrolment Program (STEP).

“STEP enrolment gives you the latest security updates, and makes it easier for the U.S. embassy or nearest U.S. consulate to contact you in an emergency. If you don’t have Internet access, enrol directly with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.”

On January 15, Shabaab gunmen — and the first-ever suicide bomber in Kenya — attacked the Dusit hotel and office complex in Nairobi, leaving 21 dead and prompting police and the US Embassy to urge caution in public spaces.

Twenty days after the attack, Daily Nation reported that 12 suspects have been arrested at the sprawling Dadaab refugee camp — signalling the complex balance between internal security and offering humanitarian aid at the third largest refugee camp in the world.

Read the original article on Monitor.

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