April 15, 2024


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At least 40 Women in Gahanga to get Jobs in Plastic Recycling

At least 40 Women in Gahanga have been employed in Plastic Recycling Business

At least 40 Women grouped in Duterimbere Cooperative, based in Gahanga Sector of Kicukiro District, are soon to get employed in plastic recycling business as well as trained on various income generating activities.

This was announced by AGROPLAST LTD following the relocation of its activities from former Gikondo Industrial Zone to the newly industrialized zone which is located in Nunga Cell, Gahanga sector in Kicukiro District.

For Manufacturing Agricultural suitable packaging, AGROPLAST Ltd is one of the leading private initiatives at the national level in the manufacture of agricultural packaging which include Processing of Nets bags, Nets fence and related products among many others.

In an interview with Topafricanews.com, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Leo Nduwayezu revealed that the main objective of AGROPLAST LTD is environmental conservation.

He said that the Company was created after realizing that there are so many environmental hazardous which had negative impact on soil, water and people’s lives.

“After assessing Plastic pollution on the environment and its adverse effects on wildlife, wildlife habitat and humans, we came up with the idea and we set up this Company.

“We looked at solutions for problems caused by plastic sachets, for instance how they prevent water from entering the soil leading to the decrease of Agricultural returns, their impacts on human beings and nature etc… Generally our main objective is environmental conservation,” Nduwayezu said

Jobs creation.

From Waste to Jobs: the company is set to increase the number of employees in Plastic Recycling with special focus to Women living in nearby communities.

These women will be dealing with recovered materials to make new products and packages.

Nduwayezu said “We have first helped them to form a cooperative in order to be able to work as group not separate.”

“We thought about improving lives of people living in this area and that’s why from next week we will start to working with Dukundane Women Cooperative made of at least 40 women.” He added.

Relief to Beneficiaries

These women from Gahanga say they are very happy with the initiative of AGROPLAST adding that it will have a positive impact on their socio – economic life.

Uwizeyimana Clementine: “If you look at our economic lives, many of the women and girls here do not have a job. Since we are going to get employed by AGROPLAST, this is also an opportunity to work together. Group work will change our lives as a women”.

Josephine, the President of DUKUNDANE Cooperative added, “We want to use our hands. Some of us face living challenges. This is a chance for us to make improvements on our living conditions by working in plastic recycling activities”

Uwamariya Martine: “I am happy because I am going to get job that will contribute to the betterment of my living conditions. It’s time to use our hands and make impacts on our life.”

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