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VIDEO: Rwanda Investigation Bureau Warns Cyber Crooks

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has tensed measures to arrest cyber criminals whose activities are posing threats to the country’s Security and wellbeing of citizens.

The Bureau said there are many people who are filing cases of cyber-attacks and some of them have lost an enormous amount of money through tricks or other people pretending to be someone else using current means of communications in order to steal money or other properties from the targeted individuals.

RIB warns whoever involving in such malpractices that the Bureau is now well positioned to track them until they are arrested and brought to Justice.

This was announced on Monday 6th August 2018, as the Bureau was parading to media two suspects who were recently arrested after the victim notified the investigation team around his case where the two suspects collaborated and stole money using his social media Identity.

Among the arrested individuals include Usabase Mohamed who has confirmed that so far he has stolen at least Rwf 3 million from different people.

The imposter told the media that he uses someone’s identity to target the social friends of the victims with the mission of stealing money from them.



He narrated how he hacks people’s social media accounts with the intention of requesting money and posing threats to victims in order to force them pay the amount of money he needs from them in order to give back their social media accounts.

However this can be seen as a simple case for those who are familiar with such tricks.

However RIB said many people are losing millions of money through cyber-attacks.

Speaking to media on Monday, Mbabazi Modeste, the RIB Spokesperson said that “Today we are showing the public these two individuals. However every month RIB receive one or two similar cases and this shows that the number of these cases

is on the increase.”

He called upon to public to notify RIB whenever they suspect that they have been hacked or are being tricked by imposters.

Last Year Rwanda National Police arrested Gen. James Kabarebe Facebook imposter who was tricking various people requesting money from them saying he will facilitate them to get various services.

Mbabazi said “These cases are not only meant for Social media users but also on Telecom frauds currently on the rise.”

Nsanzabandi Theogene, is a businessman operating in Kinyinya Sector of Gasabo District.

He said that he was tricked for the first time and was stolen about Rwf 150 thousands by people who told him that they are going to give him Uranium.

“They called me and told me that they have a product for business. At the time they told me they have “Uranium” that may be valued at one million Rwandan francs.” Nsanzabandi told Topafricanews.com

He further added that “After that they asked me to give them about Rwf 150 thousands to facilitate the deal.”

Nsanzabandi gave them the requested money and after he didn’t know their where about.

He however added that “They tried for the second time when they told me that I have won 3 million in aid from VATICAN”

“At this time I asked them if they have no poor persons in their country so they can help them with such money,” He said.

Nsanzabandi advises “People to be aware that there are thieves that are stealing money from people.”

“People should know that if someone calls you saying that you have won money or other prizes, try to check before accepting whatever he tells you,” Nzabandi told this website.

RIB said is aware of all tricks and the time has come to end such crimes.

The Rwanda Investigation agents work in a very sophisticated manner to arrest the suspects.


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