July 17, 2024


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Kabgayi Hospital’s Eye Unit conducts outreach program to treat refugees and prisoners

Last week, Kabgayi Hospital Eye Unit, attended Muhanga District public exhibition. Photo: Kanamugire E.

In its outreach program and charity activities, Kabgayi hospital, eye unit is visiting refugee camps in Rwanda and prisons to help vulnerable people who need eye treatment.

Kabgayi Hospital eye unit conducts outreach activities especially in remote sectors of Muhanga District and elsewhere in the country where elderly people are among the most served.

According to the Director of Kabgayi Hospital Eye Unit, Dr Theophile Tuyisabe, this year the institution will visit all refugee camps and prisons in Rwanda to offer services related to eye treatment.

“This is the year of helping refugees and prisoners. These are needy groups. We chose to visit them to deliver eye treatment service”, Dr. Tuyisabe said.

“One refugee camp and one Prison (Mpanga) have been visited. Eye glasses, remedy, eye surgery are given to those in need. Even eye surgeries are made free of charge,” Dr. Tuyisabe explained.

Vestine Nyinawumuntu of Nyamabuye Sector, salutes outreach program of this hospital and calls upon its management to conduct it frequently. There are some people who don’t know what to do when they suffer from eye problems and those who can’t pay the treatment cost for themselves, so they deserve a help.”

Last week, Kabgayi Hospital Eye Unit, attended Muhanga District public exhibition where about 800 people were cared for.

Kabgayi Hospital Eye Unit, is the unique public referral hospital of eye treatment countrywide. People from Burundi and DR Congo come there for eye treatment.


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