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Why President Kagame’s Smart decisions on COVID 19 should be emulated by Neighbouring Countries

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame

It is almost four weeks since President Paul Kagame announced the total lockdown in his home country in order to contain the spread of Corona Virus which is killing thousands of persons daily across the World.

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus in China, President Kagame was very focussed to the pandemic, because, a very small error should have cost extremely this country of Central Africa which has made all possible progress after the year 1994, a significant period in the history of mankind during which the Genocide against the Tutsi cost a million lives of this country within 3 months.

Being aware of the dangers that may erupt in case the issue of the virus is undermined, President Paul Kagame briefed his Government on the seriousness of this virus and even later, he sacked his minister of health due to intolerable mistakes that should put many in danger.

At the time, local media reported that the Minister of Health took lightly the issue of the deadly virus and assured President Paul Kagame that the country has enough equipment to test the virus while there were not.

After firing the health Minister, Kagame appointed the new Minister and since then his main task is to do whatever possible to end the virus on Rwandan territory.

It is well known that Rwanda was among the firsts African countries who decided at early stage to enforcing the total lockdown as one of the challenging measures that have proved to be one of the best solutions in containing the spread of COVID 19 Virus.

While other neighbouring countries were playing with fire, in Rwanda citizens were starting to get familiar with the lockdown even if it is the hardship time but at least now everyone is aware that the Coronavirus pandemic is a matter of everyone’s concern. Our neighbouring countries should have done the same as soon as possible since we all rely on each other in our region. Doing the same we are saving the business and relationships among our people.

There were some who started to saying that the Government is exaggerating on decisions being taken, however as most of the country population started understanding the seriousness of the issue, some are not even questioning the lockdown extension rather they are discussing about when this is going to end and how is it going to end? Let us leave this to the leaders of this country and we, as citizens keep following the Government directives on COVID 19 Prevention.

Rwanda again was the first East African Country to announce the firsts COVID 19 positive Cases while in Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Kenya, South Soudan, the business was as usual.

Social media images also showed what I can call “Undisciplined” citizens fighting the law enforcement organs to the point there were some who died as police became serious with the kidding behaviours.

Rwandan Opposition side believed that Rwanda is going to suffer as much as possible and made narratives on the going to be totally collapsed country as if the virus was a Godly punishment meant for Rwanda.

However, with humility and being familiar with the challenging times and how to deal with them in a self-esteem way, Rwandans themselves were the firsts to announce via various communication channels on how they are going to share with those who are vulnerable during the first phase of the lockdown.

Head of Agatare Village distributing the support to the needy head of the Family

That’s when the benefactors, Private institutions and religious institutions started to giving to the needy neighbours while the Government was in preparation of mass distribution of free food to those in need and up to now the food support is still being delivered in a coordinated manner and we hope that the benefactors will continue to play a role in this time when we need each other.

While the lockdown is extended up to 30th April 2020, President Paul Kagame expresses gratitude to those who are supporting Rwanda during this hardship time while at the same time sends special thanks to his citizens for their discipline during this time and requests them to continue obeying the guidelines as the country’s Frontline health workers are doing their best to end the pandemic.

President Kagame has earlier revealed that once the COVID 19 Frontline Team successfully stop the virus, there will be a special thanks giving to the Team which is now leading the war against the virus.

As I conclude my own views on President Kagame’s smartness in protecting his people, let me request all Rwandans and all citizens in neighbouring countries to follow our respective Governments guidelines on COVID 19 Prevention and be reminded that this is not the end rather this is the time when life worth than materials.

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