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Rwanda, Italian Officials to discuss Green investment opportunities


Rwandan and Italian Officials are set to host two webinars to discuss Green investments opportunities as well as to share knowledge on Sustainable management of Environmental sector. TOPAFRICANEWS has exclusively learnt.

 Two webinars are scheduled on 3rd and 10th June 2020, from 15:00 to 17:00.

They were organized by Rwanda Green Growth Institute in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for the Environment.

The first webinar, to be held on June 3, will be dedicated to the opportunities offered by Rwandan institutions in terms of cooperation in development and investment in sectors such as tourism, transport, agriculture, energy and production.

The second meeting, on June 10th, instead provides for a direct comparison between Italian and Rwandan companies, with the latter presenting some industrial projects in search of partners.

“The development of the global crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 requires a review of health, environmental protection, and biodiversity and climate change policies. Measures applied in Rwanda, as in many other countries, to contain the virus and protect the health of the population are having serious repercussions on economic activities and in business communities, affecting workers in many sectors. These consequences have highlighted the need for concerted efforts to mitigate greater vulnerability and implement more sustainable and green growth initiatives “underline the GGGI Office in Kigali.

“The first webinar – they say again from the GGGI of Kigali – will be more institutional and focused on investment and trade opportunities in Rwanda; the second webinar will be in line with the conclusions of the first and will present concrete opportunities for partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs “.

The purpose of the two online seminars and the B2B meetings between companies is precisely to explore and promote the potential investment climate of Rwanda, promoting the transfer of green technologies and creating meeting and knowledge platforms between Italian and Rwandan private companies in the areas of most relevant intervention.


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