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RYAF, HoReCo: Two contributors in the modernisation of Rwanda’s Agriculture Sector

Rwanda Youth in Agriculture Forum (RYAF) and Horticulture in Reality Corporation (HoReCo) Cooperative are two change-makers in Rwanda’s Agriculture sector, TOPAFRICANEWS reports.

In past years, Agriculture in Rwanda was the task for old people and mostly for poor families, according to those who have experienced such times.

Today, you will realize that the Agriculture sector is being occupied by an increasing number of fresh young graduates who are keen to make this sector an exciting place for investment.

Young people are increasingly joining agriculture in Rwanda

With the mission of bringing together different youth organizations, individual youth farmers and entrepreneurs in Agriculture Sector working in one or many of the following sub-sectors: crop production, livestock, agro-processing, inputs and other Agro-services (extension, marketing, food packaging, farm mechanization, seed multiplication etc.) as well as ICT for Agriculture in Rwanda; RYAF has been doing a lot to change the old mind-set among the youth vis-à-vis the agricultural sector in Rwanda, while orienting youth to reach out to other farming groups to raise awareness on the practice of business oriented agriculture.

For HoReCo (Horticulture in Reality Corporation), One of its main mandates is to increase the farmers’ production and farms’ productivity through best farming practices and to achieve on this mandate HoReCo has to ensure proximity coaching of farmers for different aspects.

One who loves agriculture, immediately can understand how two these agents are intertwined with the same vision of shifting from outdated mindset on agriculture to the updated way of thinking and doing Agriculture.

In eradication of malnutrition in rural areas of Rwanda, HoReCo is providing extension services in different areas where they are taught to grow some vegetables in their home gardens as well as in their fields.

In this case, HoReCo also helps farmers in market negotiation. Fruit trees are also a component of extension services provided by HoReCo where the farmers are trained about all agricultural practices on identified species.

While RYAF is seen as the Forum of the youth doing agriculture, to the other hand RYAF has also, as it is enshrined in in its mission, established an effective, sustainable nationwide youth in agribusiness forum that promotes, informs, advocates and mobilizes Rwandan youth to engage in agribusiness, leveraging on support and facilitation from stakeholders, resulting on a stable food market, decent jobs and sustainable and inclusive development.

When you go down to the farmers, you will hear their testimonies where they commend how RYAF’s Cooperative Support Officers are involved in sensitizing the cooperative members to generate ideas for bankable Business Plan developments and ensuring follow-up of the activities after business plan financing.

While we are still collecting resources to be able to reach down to the field again, in our Next week’s Edition of “Meet the Professional”, our reporter will visit one of the cooperatives benefited from either RYAF’s stake in Agric. or HoReCo.


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