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OIF sends teachers to improve French Teaching in Rwanda


The Ministry of Education in Rwanda has received a team of 30 teachers from the International Organization of French Speaking Countries, OIF, to help improve the quality of the French language in Rwandan education.

The group consists of 30 teachers from around the world, including those from France. These teachers come to help in the promotion of French teaching in Rwanda, according to officials.

They will train Rwandan French teachers and also contribute to the teaching in classes with the coordination Rwanda Education Board.

Twagirayezu Gaspard, the Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education in the Ministry of Education, said that although there are enough teachers in Rwanda to teach French, the contribution of OIF is very important, and they are ready to accept the next phases of other teachers.

“We already had talented and well-educated French teachers, but we also needed to strengthen them. The goal of these teachers from the OIF is to help us improve the quality of the French language in Rwanda. We want French to play an important role in our education. These teachers will help us to teach students and train our teachers.” Twagirayezu explains

Twagirayezu also told the media that MINEDUC’s plans to improve the quality of French including to increase the number of hours taught in the school as well as increasing its value, especially in state exams.

Juliette Bigot, head of the French Embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Services Unit at the French Embassy in Rwanda, said the team of teachers is ready to contribute to improving the quality of French teaching in Rwanda and emphasizes that they will work with the REB, carrying out various activities including student teaching, training educators, especially through Rwandan education Board.




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