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Rwanda to plant 25 million trees during the upcoming Forest Planting Season


Rwandans will plant 25 million trees during the upcoming Forest Planting Season in an effort to expand and restore forests and contribute to the global effort to address climate change. The large-scale planting effort is taking place as part of the country’s annual Forest Planting Season, which brings together Rwandans to plant trees in an effort to increase forest coverage, economic growth. promote biodiversity as well as protect the environment.

The launch of this year’s Forest Planting Season takes place in Muyira Sector, Nyanza District, where a US $32.7m (RWF 31.9b) Green Amayaga Forest Landscape Restoration project will be inaugurated.

During the launch ceremony, 37,500 agroforestry trees will be planted on 150 ha of citizen consolidated lands. The theme of this year is “Forests for Community Livelihood and Sustainable Development.’’  ‘’Amashyamba ni umusingi w’Imibereho Myiza y’Abaturage n’Iterambere Rirarambye’’

During this year’s forest planting season, millions of trees will be planted, including 7,400 hectares of agroforestry, 900 hectares of classic forest and 77,000 fruit trees will be planted. 500 hectares of private woodlots will be rehabilitated to increase their productivity.   

Rwanda’s forest planting season forms a key part of the country’s efforts to build resilience to climate change and achieve its ambitious climate action plan. 

“We all have the responsibility to protect the environment to build a green and climate resilient country. I encourage every Rwandan to join the effort to plant trees to make this happen, let’s all plant at least 3 trees per household.” said Dr Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, Minister of Environment.

The Government of Rwanda encourages citizens to use alternative sources of energy for cooking such as biogas and gas for other than charcoal and firewood. Planting trees and growing forests helps to protect the environment and can also provide sustainable livelihoods for Rwandans.


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