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Rwanda-COVID 19: Concerns as students and teachers not returning to schools


The Ministry of Education has released figures for teachers and students who have not returned to school since reopening after closure due to Covid-19. These figures show that so far 11% of primary school students and 4.8% of teachers have not returned to Schools.

The Ministry of Education has released statistics on teachers and students who have not returned to school since the reopening, indicating that in primary schools 11% of students and 4.8% of teachers have not returned to schools.

On November 2, schools resumed operations after eight months of closure in a bid to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed 45 people in Rwanda so far.

Although the students have resumed classes, the Ministry of Education has indicated that there are large numbers of students who have not yet returned to classes in both Kigali City and various provinces.

Overall, in primary schools, the number of students returning to classes is 89%, which means that there are 11% who have not yet returned and it is not yet known if they are dropping out of school or for other reasons.

Of these students, 85% were in Kigali City, 94.5% in Southern Province, 89.3% in Northern Province, and 89.2% in Eastern Province. Western Province primary school who returned account for 84.2%.

The problem of a large number of students who do not return to school is not only apparent in primary schools but also in high school there are those who have not returned, as MINEDUC figures show that those who returned account for 91% while up to 9% did not.

Of these, 85.4% are from Kigali City, while those from the Southern Province are 92.1% and from the Northern are 93.5%, from the Eastern Province is 92%, and from the Western Province 89.4%.

Statistics show that primary school teachers in Kigali City, about 96% are returning to work, in the Southern Province it is 97%, the Northern Province is 96%, the Eastern Province is 93% while in the Eastern Province it is 93%.  

This results in a nationwide return of 95.2% of primary school teachers, while about 4.8% of them do not return.


Returning high school teachers account for 95.6% while those who have not returned is 4.4%, of those 96% are from Kigali City; 97.2% are from the Southern Province, 97% from the Northern Province, 93.3% from the Eastern Province, while 94.8% from the Western Province.




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